Getting Started with iOS 5 – now available to order!

Here it is: My recently-recorded “Getting Started with iOS 5″ video training, my third title with video2brain, is now available for purchase OR as part of your video2brain English Library Subscription!

You can find details of the course and some free sample lessons, plus the welcome video from yours truly, on my video courses page or here…

OR, find out more about the video2brain subscriptions (including a special promotional pricing) here…

I’ll no doubt be posting more iOS 5-related content here soon – watch this space…

Meanwhile, happy coding :-)


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2 responses to “Getting Started with iOS 5 – now available to order!”

  • Dear Robert: I have just finished the Table View Exercise and IT WORKS! Thanks. But. My detail view label displays a multiline text always in the center of an enlarged multiline label that is word wrapped
    and there is a need to have the label’s height adjust to display the all lines short and long starting from the upper left most edge of the label. Any suggestions?


  • Hi Glenn,

    Cool! I’m glad the course is working out well for you :-) It’s great to get feedback!

    I think what you’re trying to do is to build a left-aligned list? In this case just position your UILabel at the place you want it’s top left corner to be, size it for the width you need and click the button to align the text to the left.

    Then you can use the [UILabel sizeToFit] method (i.e. [myLabel sizeToFit};) to make it the right size to accommodate your text AFTER assigning the text string to it. To code in you own line breaks add “/n” wherever needed.

    Hope this helps!