Importing blog entries from b2evolution to WordPress 3.x

After a few aborted attempts, I finally managed to import the contents of my old b2evolution-based blog into this new one yesterday evening.

The answer turned out to be as simple as other sites had suggested: Save the RSS feed of my old blog in a file and import it via the RSS importer built into WordPress. My initial attempts had failed as I had simply clicked the “reader” link in Safari and then saved the source of the displayed page. Importing that simply won’t work as Safari seems to mess things up.

So, here’s how it goes:

(ps: please check the word of warning below…)

  1. open up your b2evolution-based blog
  2. right-click on the RSS 2.0 link displayed by your skin – this is normally on the sidebar somewhere – and save the linked file on your local machine:
  3. in WordPress Admin, Tools, Import from the left.hand menu:
  4. choose RSS:
  5. …and select the file you’ve just downloaded before clicking “Upload file and import”

The import may take a while but you’ll soon see a list of “Importing post… done” messages and all should be good! If the import doesn’t bring in all posts from your old blog then you can check what’s been imported and remove these from the downloaded feed file before importing again.

A word of warning:

As those of you who follow me in Twitter (and were already following me last night) noticed, my WordPress blog using the TweetButton plug-in AND I had not switched OFF this plug-in before importing. The plug-in caused a tweet to be posted for every single post imported!

Thankfully, my followers are very tolerant:

OK, mostly… I did get a new mention though – for something I wrote probably a year ago :-) Once more, my apologies for spamming your timelines last night. I couldn’t even apologise yesterday because the large number of Tweets put me over my daily quota!

So. End-result all good. My old blog entries are now here and there’s no need for me to send site/blog visitors to my old blog. All that’s left now is for me to create some .htaccess rules to ensure that inbound links to my old blog are redirected here – don’t forget this when you import an old blog!

Happy blogging!


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