Taking a bite out of Apple…

Taking a bite out of Apple
Taking a bite out of Apple

Here’s another nice little piece of physical art… Instead of simply photoshopping an image of a MacBook to make it look like the corner had been cut off, IDEO Labs actually had somebody saw off the corner and then set up the shot for real. Nice to see that people still can do things by hand :)

For photos of the whole process and the story behind the shot, visit the IDEO Labs…


Your own Damien Hirst original for £40?

Yes, it could happen – but only if you are prepared to brave the early-morning temperatures of a November morning in London AND are able to identify his work cleverly enough when faced with an array of anonymous postcard submissions.

Want to know how?

Here’s how:

RCA Secret 2009
RCA Secret 2009

But don’t tell everybody – it’s a secret! ;)

PS: Last year I arrived an hour and a half before opening and queued for 4.5 hours. Be warned. I also can’t guarantee that Damien Hirst has submitted any works this year – the entries will be on their site tomorrow…


The Decapitator Strikes! Beckham loses his head…

I happened across some photos from “the Decapitator” on Flickr today and also found a link to this video there. Awesome stuff and a great example of a “guerrilla” street artist at work.

Watch the video and see how he (?) carried out a hijack of the London Paper (alas, but a memory now) back in 2008:

Take a look at some of his other work, including a headless Shakira on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine in New York’s Barnes & Noble (Union Square) in Flickr here

Anybody have a copy of that London Paper or the very limited edition Rolling Stone mag? ;)