OFFF 2015 Polaroid experiments

There will be no polaroid experiments posted from OFFF 2015. Events which transpired meant that I was not in the frame of mind to take any. More on this subject later. Maybe.


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Polaroid #4: OFFF day one!

It was a beautiful sunny day in Barcelona… and the crowds of happy conference-goers were just begging to be given the “architecture and people mix” multi-exposure treatment!

Anybody know the guy with the beard?

Anybody know the guy with the beard?

This one turned out much better – better than I’d expected. What looks like some arty Photoshop montage is actually all down to good light, multiple exposure and luck. Three exposures this time.

Again, no Photoshop wizardry involved here; the Polaroid was scanned and resized to fit the blog.

In the next post, I’ll show a couple of the shots I took inside the DHUB. In a few weeks I’ll be in Barcelona again at this year’s OFFF conference and see if I can grab some more (maybe better) shots while I’m there.

If you’re going to be there and see me fiddling around trying to take a shot, stop and say hello! See you there!



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Polaroid #3: OFFF Registration

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and the queues for registration were not too long:


The next shot in my OFFF 2013 multiple exposure experiments came out a little over-exposed but showed promise!

Time for me to brush up my photoshop skills to see what I can prise out of this one… more on that later.

I’m certainly looking forward to seeing how the newer generation of films work this year… but watch this space for the next few shots from 2013, some of which I’m particularly proud of…

Going to OFFF2015? See you there!


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Mozzarella balls, chopsticks and life’s challenges: lifehack

And now for something completely different…

Ever bought a pack of mozzarella balls, used a few in a recipe and then wondered how to seal the pack until next time? No Tupperware containers or those special squeeze-closed clips handy?

I bet you can find a packet of these in your kitchen drawer somewhere:

Chinese takeaway chopsticks

Chinese takeaway chopsticks!

Don’t break them apart! Just take them out of the packet and slide them over the open top of the mozzarella balls packet and et voilà : one sealed packet:

mozzarella balls sealed fresh for next time

mozzarella balls sealed fresh for next time

Pop them in the fridge (standing!) all ready for that tasty omelette or pizza tomorrow…

Take it from me: they were still fresh 2 days later :-)

(PS: I’m sure this’ll work for other similar packs too – with an elastic band around the chopstick ends if you need to keep them REALLY tight!)


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Polaroid #2: The hotel

If you’ve seen the “Ghost Arm” Polaroid post from the end of last year, you’ll have read that it was a happy accident caused by me triggering the shot instead of setting the self-timer on my Polaroid Spectra camera.

Here’s the one that worked…

ghost in the room

This is a double exposure – the first with just the bed and the second with me in the picture, triggered by self-timer. Had I thought a little more, I would have taken the pictures down from the wall for the first shot… reducing the “floating” effect that they have from being double-exposed… on the whole, however, I’m pleased with how this turned out. The fact that my legs aren’t really visible only adds to the ghostly effect!

Again, apart from resizing from the original scan, no digital manipulation has been carried out on this photo.

Next up: registration for OFFF 2013 and some triple exposure fun!


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Polaroid #1 – the ghost arm

I’m going to start off my Polaroid posts with this one. It’s one of those “little accidents” that often happen when you set off to do something a little more than just taking a quick snapshot.


In this case I was trying to set up a self-timer shot second exposure on my Polaroid Spectra camera… I’d already taken a first exposure of the hotel room background and the aim was to set the timer to then put myself in the shot for the second exposure. As you can see: it didn’t work!

What I find most interesting about this shot is that the black outlines on my incomplete forearm tattoo show up white on my ghostly arm… spooky!

Taken on 5. June 2013, in Barcelona.


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Scanning Polaroids…

Today I finally got around to doing something I’ve been meaning to do for well over a year: scanning some of the Polaroids I’d taken NEARLY 2 YEARS AGO at the OFFF Festival in Barcelona in May 2013 and some I’d taken in Zürich earlier this year. Not because I have so many to scan, but simply because I just “hadn’t gotten around to it”.

Nonsense. I’d had plenty of time but never MADE the time to do this. So. Now it’s done.

If any of you have ever scanned Polaroids, you may be familiar with Newton’s Rings. No? Read about them here… They’re pesky little rings that you can get when you scan something like a photo or Polaroid due to the way light behaves between the two surfaces when they touch.

Here’s a nifty device that stops that happening:


It has two recessed “mount” areas for individual Polaroids, with a sticky surface that grips the photo and holds it away from the scanner surface – eliminating the possibility of Newton’s Rings forming – making for nice clean scans (assuming you brush carefully to avoid dust and keep your scanner clean).

You can find it on the Impossible Project website, along with everything else you may need for Polaroid photography.

So the scanning is done. Expect to see some analog adventures on this blog over the coming weeks and months!


Early Christmas presents…

As already hinted yesterday, I’m going to gradually start writing here again. Some of the posts will be technical – iPhone/other mobile and web development and design – and others not.. we’ll see how it pans out and what I feel like writing about.

I’m also changing my approach slightly and will be offering more mentoring and coaching sessions in addition to my work on logtempo and occasional client projects.

Here’s where the “early Christmas presents” bit comes in:

I’m not sending any Christmas cards this year and have decided instead to offer 12 FREE coaching/mentoring/troubleshooting/whatever sessions to you – to the first 12 people who contact me and claim their Christmas present.

Each person can then use an hour of my time sometime in 2015 for any of the above – for advice on web or mobile design or development, for sales or marketing advice or help, for translations (German-English, English-German) or just about anything else that fits into my field of experience. We can use the time to talk on Skype or I can spend an hour working on something for you.

Time is precious. I’m giving some away for Christmas.

You can contact me by email, via my contact form here, Twitter or via my Facebook page… looking forward to hearing from you and having some fun “mini-projects” in 2015!



It’s been a while…

… since I last wrote a post here – about a year and a half, to be exact!

I shall be writing a very special post in the coming days: a post with my own special holiday season offer, in lieu of Christmas cards and the like.

Meanwhile, play nice and have fun :-)



Comments are off

Should anybody wish to leave a comment for any of my previous posts – despite the fact that I haven’t written a post or answered a comment in months (over a year, in fact) – then please be aware that it won’t work.

After having been rather surprised by a huge leap in comments traffic, none of which ACTUALLY came through as comments, and a jump in referrals from some very dubious-looking domains, I have disabled commenting on this blog.

As far as the future of the blog itself is concerned, I have not yet decided whether to start writing regularly again or not. The blog will stay online for now and all existing content will continue to be available until I reach a decision.

Anybody wishing to contact me can do so via my Facebook page (link in the navigation to the right) or by email (link elsewhere on this site).

Thank you for your understanding!